Atlanta Culinary Tour of Town Brookhaven

Every time I think I’ve turned over every neighborhood rock in Atlanta, I run into another one and fall all over in LOVE with Atlanta, again and again. Everybody knows I’m the #1 fan of downtown Decatur, but after my Atlanta Culinary Tour of Town Brookhaven, Downtown Decatur definitely has some competition! This newly opened– pedestrian friendly urban village where you can shop, dine and dwell is located 2 miles North of Buckhead. I was overly impressed at the eatery establishments and of course the SINGLE scene. Some of the bars and patios reminded me of my SINGLE in The OC and London days. If you’re looking for something new and innovative to try out in the Atlanta area, I definitely recommend checking out Town Brookhaven. Oh, and I did some eating on the way.

Newk’s Cafe

There- Brookhaven

Which Wich

Flying Biscuit

Olde Blind Dog Irish Pub

Noche Brookhaven

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Dating In Your 30s vs 20s

In your 20’s   You accept an at home FIRST date at his house.
In your 30’s   That’s a negative and you’ll think he’s crazy and cheap.

In your 20’s  He’s broke, but he’s in school.
In your 30’s  He’s broke so you stop wasting your time on a guy that perceives to not have his ish together.

In your 20’s  His apartment is awesome.
In your 30’s  You wonder why he doesn’t own a home.

In your 20’s  You can drink unlimitedly on a first date.
In your 30’s  It’s a two drink max to see whether or not you even like this guy.

In your 20’s  You don’t mind that he has children when you don’t.
In your 30’s  You think to yourself, “That’s too many children to play step-mother to.”

In your 20’s  You communicate only via text.
In your 30’s  He’s just not that into me, NEXT!

In your 20’s  Not concerned about credit scores.
In your 30’s  Not dating anyone that has HUGE debt.

In your 20’s  Looks and materialistic things matter.
In your 30’s  Is this a person I could see being a parent to my child?

In your 20’s  He’s always “THE ONE”.
In your 30’s  You keep your options open and keep dating until you’re sure.

In your 20’s  It’s more care less.
In your 30’s  You learn to be care free.

Pic From Indie Wire.

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Buckhead Church Copes With Growing SINGLE Adult Population

“The last census did show that singles ages 25-34 actually outnumber married adults in that same age range by just a slight margin,” – Ashley Reccord of

With the number of SINGLE adults outgrowing married adults, Buckhead Church is forced to change how they reach out to this growing population. History has shown that Buckhead Church, which is one of seven campuses of North Point Ministries in the Atlanta area, is in fact a popular place to meet that special someone. Interesting enough, they even have a SINGLE ADULT section on their website.  Continue Reading

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Will Date For Food

This is dedicated to all the hungry girls and women who have gone into debt supporting starving artist boyfriends, deadbeat husbands, miscellaneous family members, and who still insist on picking up the check or going Dutch. Ladies, it’s time to eat. (and get out of debt)

Don’t be a jerk.  This is not about male hating.  This is about breaking a pattern.  Have you put your every ounce of hope into every single date you go on?  Do you sit there and picture him at the alter and not even listen to what he’s saying?  Do you know his ring size?  Have you let anyone move in and live off your credit card?  Do you scoff at the thought of the man picking up the check?  It is time to stop all of your nonsense.

Above all, it is time to eat.

RULE NUMBER 1:  You will never ever have anyone pick you up at your house.  Meet your dates at the establishment.  Be safe above anything else.

RULE NUMBER 2:  Have a dating buddy aka a gay best friend. This is who knows where you’re going and who you are going out with and even better than that, drops you off and picks you up.

RULE NUMBER 3:  Do not meet for drinks or coffee.  You have got to eat.

RULE NUMBER 4:  Do not focus on romance.  Focus on the food. (If love shows up, that’s a great extra helping)

RULE NUMBER 5:  Do not upgrade your online dating account or spend not spend any money on dating sites.

RULE NUMBER 6:  Do not pick up the check.  Duh. That includes going Dutch. You are not allowed.

RULE NUMBER 7:  Listen Listen Listen.  Let him talk while you eat.  Bet you never did that before.

RULE NUMBER 8:  Go out with anyone who asks (minus weirdoes, freaks and creeps).

RULE NUMBER 9:  Check your issues and hold your tongue.  Dating for food is not your share time.

RULE NUMBER 10:  Eat Well.  Do not order just a salad.   Go for sustenance.

Angela Shelton

Pic Courtesy of Business Insider

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10 Dates in 10 Days–Date #1: The Hot Doctor

Date #1: The Hot Doctor

Date number one! I’m meeting a beautiful tall (6’4″) doctor who I’m going to call……..WAIT FOR IT….DRUM ROLL PLEASE…… “sexybeautifultallhotdoc”…ok how about just “hotdoc”! SERIOUSLY, ladies, I couldn’t stop staring at him all night!!! He is BEAUTIFUL, but beautiful in a manly, strong, Paul Bunyan type way….the kind of guy you just want to watch paint your house with his shirt off….NOT the type of guy that’s going to hold your purse for you, that’s for sure!! To give you a little background on this date, I met hotdoc for lunch last week and decided that, based on his hot looks and well, his degree :), he was worth some more of my time……however, this time we met for drinks, which was exciting to me because I had a BIG plan……. get him drunk and make him paint my house….hahaha, no, I’m kidding, but I was hoping he would have a couple drinks and tell me how he likes to take off his shirt and flex his muscles on dates! LOL! Sooo according to the Millionaire Matchmaker, I am now in the “audition” stage of dating hotdoc and, THANK YOU GOD, I have moved past lunch AKA the “interview” stage (although, side note, I have always enjoyed interviewing so there are worse things). I did go against my rules and accept the audition by responding to a text. Now, I don’t normally respond to real date requests by text because I think 1)it’s too easy for guys (why are guys getting so lazy?) and 2)it’s not romantic or chivalrous. That being said, THIS time I decided to give him a pass, even though he didn’t pick the restaurant…I had to pick it because he has only lived in Atlanta for a month and he, apparently, wasn’t up for doing research before our audition….although, to his credit, he does work like 80 hours a week and is a HOT DOCTOR! :) I arrived and he sat there looking like a Roman statue with muscles POPPING OUT (not really, but in my mind they were) and I sat there drooling and starring……the next three hours he proceeded to talk about his job, his hours, his school, his workout, his muscles, his ENTIRE LIFE!!! He seriously didn’t ask me ANYTHING about myself……not about my job, not about my condo, not about my family, not about my hot shoes………NOTHING! Now, as many of you know, I’m not shy at all and as always I volunteer information about myself and contributed to the conversation, probably way TOO much, but it would definitely have been nice if he showed less interest in HIMSELF and more interest in ME! Although, I will say that I did like that he was a good talker and that he really open about his past and himself!!!! Also, he was a gentleman and payed for everything, and even drove me to my car!! Once we arrived at my car, I patiently waited for him to say that he wanted to see me again OR take his shirt off and flex his muscles. LOL! To my surprise, he said that he has the BEST “ab workout video” (no, I’m not joking this is really what he said) that we should “hang out” at his house next time and do the video together….OK, REALLY? Can you think of anything LESS romantic?!?!?! I can’t and, while I’m sure my abs could use the workout, I want to have a REAL dinner date where he actually plans it and uses GOOGLE to pick a restaurant. EVERY girl, even those that said they don’t, wants to be courted, especially when you first start dating someone!! NO EXCEPTIONS!! Sooooo…..I’m waiting and hoping that hotdoc gets the courage to CALL (not text) and ask me out on a REAL date (not to do a “workout video”). Until then, I have to keep looking……… 😉

Author: Anonymous

Pic: How To Meet Men

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3 Ball Productions now Casting “Save the Date”

3 Ball Productions  (the ones that brought you ABC’s The Revolution and Extreme Makeover )  brings a new docu-series about women setting the date, but are still looking for their mate.

They’re seeking dynamic, ambitious, outgoing, SINGLE women who are determined to find Mr. Right and get married! If you are ready to take matters in your own hands, here’s the casting information.

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Healthy Boozing!

It’s almost summertime in Atlanta and you know what they say, “summer is the best time to lose weight.” With all the festivals, concerts, intensifying during the Atlanta summer days, it’s no wonder you’ll want to begin to watch your calorie intake and make sacrifices i.e. cutting out ice cream, cake, and substituting burgers with fruits and veggies. One thing you shouldn’t have to sacrifice though is your social life and being able to have a few drinks with friends. Here’s a great healthy alcoholic beverage suggestion article by Atlanta’s fitness fashion blogger and columnist, Donna Burke.  So instead of having that long island ice tea, try vodka with club soda and a splash of lime and save yourself 500 calories. ARTICLE

Oh, and don’t forget—  German Beer Festival August 25, 2012.

Pic: Courtesy of German Beer Festival.

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Single in the City–Booze Before the Ballet

Are you “SINGLE and ready to MINGLE”? Atlanta Ballet invites you to join them at The Artmore Hotel courtyard for an evening of fun and fabulousness before their Sunday evening performance of New Choreographic Voices.

Press Release for New Choreographic Voices

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DATE Night at Sun in My Belly With MisFit Foodies

Being SINGLE, it’s important to try to catch your fun while you can instead of pouting and complaining on your couch eating ice cream hoping Mr. Right will finally come knocking at your front door. Get real, get up, and GO out! With Atlanta recently being ranked the #1 Most Fun City in America by the Washington Post, it’s no wonder there’s never a problem finding fun things to do. Well, lucky for you I found the perfect activity for those SINGLES who love food.

I was thrilled to be invited to a dinner party at Sun in My Belly hosted by MisFit Foodies. Sun in My Belly is a European café style restaurant with a cozy feeling located in the downtown Decatur area. The MisFit Foodies are a group of social media personas who explore Atlanta’s restaurant’s one dish at a time. The group is made up of everyone from the “Atlanta Restaurant Blog” founder to the creator of “Atlanta Events”. With that combination, you’re guaranteed to have a great time and first hand knowledge of Atlanta’s restaurants and events. The crowd is very pleasant and fun people to be around. Some of the attendees I already knew of from the Atlanta social scene, but I met for the first time the creator of the Atlanta Movie Tours, Carrie Sagel Burns, which was definitely exciting and awesome.

SINGLES who love food, this is a great group to be a part of. So get up, be active and do something. At the end of the day, you can’t sit at home whining and moaning about being SINGLE. It’s imperative to have fun and enjoy the things you love doing, regardless of your relationship status.

Photos of MisFit Foodies “Super Club” dinner at Sun in My Belly — 4 Course Meal with appetizers

Braised Pork Belly with Seasonal Puree + Fried Rosemary + Balsalmic Glaze

house-made butternut squash lasagna

spring salad + shaved asparagus + peas sorrel + buttermilk tarragon vinaigrette

harissa marinated lamb sirloin skewers + red quinoa tabouleah + zaatar grilled vegetables

Chef’s Choice- Lemon Bar

Get Your ScoutMob Deal Here

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Dating Delights At The Chocolate Bar–Decatur

Enjoy up to a dozen sweet encounters and tasty conversation during an evening dipped in fun and drizzled with excitement at Decatur’s Chocolate Bar. We’re inviting SINGLES from all over to join us for this speed dating event that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. TICKETS

Pic Courtesy of Times News Feed

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