Single In Atlanta is a docu-style series that documents lifestyles of Atlanta singles and their dating view perspectives. Our Internet based application puts its focus on providing singles with dating questions and answers while reporting Atlanta dating news. This publication via Internet will give the whereabouts of the cities SINGLES scene, view online web-episodes, introduce you to other SINGLES, tips on dating, and share dating stories.

Single in “YOUR CITY” is coming very soon. You can follow Twitter updates  HERE.

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  1. milo says:

    love you girlie. good to see you didn’t go totally incommunicado all weekend. talk to you tomorrow. xo amelia

  2. Da Baby Girl says:

    Good job Chica! I am fully aware that “YOU are A BIG DEAL!” You know why – because you are my friend… hahahahahaha…. Congrats!

  3. brucehood says:

    Gulp… I just bumped you off Aplha Inventions and wish I hadn’t … guess I have to keep coming back



  4. lol. Its okay. Thank you for poking your head in though. CHEERS!

  5. brucehood says:

    Heh… our loss that you never made it to the UK! You would be sensation here.
    How I found you… alphainventions.com
    Check it out… you see a massive rise in hits.
    I thought it was suspicious at first but its fine.


  6. brucehood says:

    Heh I am awaiting your next post? Have you been over-doing with the Obama celebrations?

  7. Nice site….Check out my blog for more fun things to do in Atlanta…as well as Star 94 ‘s Cindy’s Singles Night Feb 7th


  8. Dominik says:

    This is a very good idea.

    Good luck on your journey and I’m sure that I will have something to say, often.

  9. Thank you so very much. That means alot to me. Stay tune for videos and much much more. =)

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