Dating In Your 30s vs 20s

In your 20’s   You accept an at home FIRST date at his house.
In your 30’s   That’s a negative and you’ll think he’s crazy and cheap.

In your 20’s  He’s broke, but he’s in school.
In your 30’s  He’s broke so you stop wasting your time on a guy that perceives to not have his ish together.

In your 20’s  His apartment is awesome.
In your 30’s  You wonder why he doesn’t own a home.

In your 20’s  You can drink unlimitedly on a first date.
In your 30’s  It’s a two drink max to see whether or not you even like this guy.

In your 20’s  You don’t mind that he has children when you don’t.
In your 30’s  You think to yourself, “That’s too many children to play step-mother to.”

In your 20’s  You communicate only via text.
In your 30’s  He’s just not that into me, NEXT!

In your 20’s  Not concerned about credit scores.
In your 30’s  Not dating anyone that has HUGE debt.

In your 20’s  Looks and materialistic things matter.
In your 30’s  Is this a person I could see being a parent to my child?

In your 20’s  He’s always “THE ONE”.
In your 30’s  You keep your options open and keep dating until you’re sure.

In your 20’s  It’s more care less.
In your 30’s  You learn to be care free.

Pic From Indie Wire.

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