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Date Around, But Don’t Sleep Around


As we get older, most people tend to no longer date wildly inappropriately. For the most part, people date for a specific reason. It could be to find a future wife/husband, just for fun, or a looking for a lifetime partner. With that said, you have to learn to differentiate between someone who wants to date you exclusively and someone who wants to be friends with relationship benefits. The line between the two sometimes gets blurred because unknowingly you find yourself only dating him even though a conversation about exclusively dating has not been had; or you ignored earlier signs. That’s when feelings get hurt. Maybe to protect your feelings, try not to latch on so quickly to someone. Learn to date different people to experience the variations of men/women out there.  

Date around, but don’t sleep around. It’ll protect your feelings from mistakenly thinking you’re in a relationship when you’re not. Have fun meeting different types of people.