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Would You Like To Go On A Date With A Celebrity?

A Major Broadcast Network, the Award-Winning Production Company A. Smith & Co., and MysticArt Pictures are searching the nation for SINGLE men and women who will be flown to Hollywood for the chance to prove that they have what it takes to date a star…..


Atlanta Ranked the #1 City For Getting Engaged

Ever thought of when or where you’ll meet that special person? Or let alone, finally get engaged? Well Mashable recently ranked Atlanta the #1 City—according to Facebook—for getting engaged. The company analyzed over 29 million Facebook status updates in their database for excerpts and phrases related to “engagement.” Then created a list of cities mapping the resulting text to users’ locations. Then ordered list according to frequency of occurrence. And there you have, Atlanta ranked #1 as the most marrying kind individuals.

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You’re Not Alone In Living Alone

Americans are now within mere percentage points of being a majority single nation: Only 51% of adults today are married, according to census data. And 28% of all households now consist of just one person — the highest level in U.S. history. That second statistic may appear less dramatic than the first, but it’s actually changing much faster: The percentage of Americans living by themselves has doubled since 1960.

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My Bloody Valentine’s Interactive Murder Mystery

This Valentine’s Day, it seems some unlucky lovers are getting struck down with something a little more deadly than Cupid’s arrows. Instead of finding love, these poor souls have been found dead. And they need your help finding out whodunit.

Are you up to the super-sleuthing challenge? If so, we’ve got the perfect deal for you.

Right now, you can pay just $25 to attend the My Bloody Valentine Interactive Murder Mystery event on Saturday February 19th at 7 p.m. at The Thompson Center in Mableton, Georgia (a $50 value). Plus, you’ll also get 2 free drinks, as well as complimentary appetizers, desserts and a chance to win some very fun door prizes.

The My Bloody Valentine Interactive Murder Mystery is like being part of a real life game of Clue. In this particular event, attendees come together for a surprise engagement party, but things take a decidedly unromantic turn when murder––not marital bliss­––becomes the focus of their doomed relationship. But it’s not just up to you to figure out who’s the culprit(s). Each attendee must work together in groups to beat out the other bands of amateur detectives and solve the case.


JEZEBEL Magazine Most Eligible 2012 Bachelor and Bachelorette

Single and ready to mingle with the most attractive and accomplished people in Atlanta?  Nominate yourself today for JEZEBEL’s “Most Eligible” issue!  Complete the form below and tell us a bit about yourself and why you should be included in the feature. Put your best face forward by submitting a great photo, and if we like what we see, we’ll be in touch to tell you all about Round 2. > > FORM