Velvet Room (Ludacris Labor Day Weekend)

Yea. I would never go to Velvet Room ordinary. I just figured it’s a holiday; let me take full advantage of not having to work on Monday. All I can saw is “awful”. I see why I only do bars, lounges, and adult crowds. First of all I already knew that it gets overly crowded on a Sunday already, so I knew a holiday weekend would be a bunch of shenanigans. So in order for us to get in free and not pay the ridiculous high amount they will be charging, we got there at 9:00 pm. And the line was still hella long. I DON’T DO LINES, but I tried to have a good attitude about it. They didn’t open the doors until like 10:15 and in the meantime people are cutting in front of us, being obnoxious, loud, and immature as the line began to wrap around the building. It was like a cattle call. So we barely make it at like 10:59. Craziness!

Once you got in, it was just so not my crowd and way too crowded. I mean how can you enjoy yourself when everyone is touching you every second and you can’t even sit down. The crowd was like 25 and under BET type. Being there made me feel like I was back in Cali in high school…lol. You know, guys only liking light skinned girls with long hair…ha! Just felt like the “unpopular” girl. In addition to not feeling popular, just walking through the club felt like a meat market or like a market in Lagos, Nigeria…lol.

So by this time I’m praying that a friend of mine who is with the DTP click comes through to rescue me from this madness. He didn’t end up coming because a close friend of theirs had an accident. So I don’t even think Ludacris showed up……. FOOLS….ha! CHEERS!

P.S. Jeezy is having his album release party there on Wednesday. I WILL DEFINITELY NOT BE THERE….LOL.!

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One Response to Velvet Room (Ludacris Labor Day Weekend)

  1. sHaE-sHaE says:

    Wow, sounds chaotic. :(

    The community BBQ wasn’t bad though. Plus Luda and Ne-Yo showed up. 😉

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