Will Date For Food

This is dedicated to all the hungry girls and women who have gone into debt supporting starving artist boyfriends, deadbeat husbands, miscellaneous family members, and who still insist on picking up the check or going Dutch. Ladies, it’s time to eat. (and get out of debt)

Don’t be a jerk.  This is not about male hating.  This is about breaking a pattern.  Have you put your every ounce of hope into every single date you go on?  Do you sit there and picture him at the alter and not even listen to what he’s saying?  Do you know his ring size?  Have you let anyone move in and live off your credit card?  Do you scoff at the thought of the man picking up the check?  It is time to stop all of your nonsense.

Above all, it is time to eat.

RULE NUMBER 1:  You will never ever have anyone pick you up at your house.  Meet your dates at the establishment.  Be safe above anything else.

RULE NUMBER 2:  Have a dating buddy aka a gay best friend. This is who knows where you’re going and who you are going out with and even better than that, drops you off and picks you up.

RULE NUMBER 3:  Do not meet for drinks or coffee.  You have got to eat.

RULE NUMBER 4:  Do not focus on romance.  Focus on the food. (If love shows up, that’s a great extra helping)

RULE NUMBER 5:  Do not upgrade your online dating account or spend not spend any money on dating sites.

RULE NUMBER 6:  Do not pick up the check.  Duh. That includes going Dutch. You are not allowed.

RULE NUMBER 7:  Listen Listen Listen.  Let him talk while you eat.  Bet you never did that before.

RULE NUMBER 8:  Go out with anyone who asks (minus weirdoes, freaks and creeps).

RULE NUMBER 9:  Check your issues and hold your tongue.  Dating for food is not your share time.

RULE NUMBER 10:  Eat Well.  Do not order just a salad.   Go for sustenance.

Angela Shelton

Pic Courtesy of Business Insider

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