Healthy Boozing!

It’s almost summertime in Atlanta and you know what they say, “summer is the best time to lose weight.” With all the festivals, concerts, intensifying during the Atlanta summer days, it’s no wonder you’ll want to begin to watch your calorie intake and make sacrifices i.e. cutting out ice cream, cake, and substituting burgers with fruits and veggies. One thing you shouldn’t have to sacrifice though is your social life and being able to have a few drinks with friends. Here’s a great healthy alcoholic beverage suggestion article by Atlanta’s fitness fashion blogger and columnist, Donna Burke.  So instead of having that long island ice tea, try vodka with club soda and a splash of lime and save yourself 500 calories. ARTICLE

Oh, and don’t forget—  German Beer Festival August 25, 2012.

Pic: Courtesy of German Beer Festival.

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