Dealing With an Ex That’s Getting Married

“Maybe our girlfriends are our soul mates and guys are just people to have fun with” – Candace Bushnell

You come to a point in life where it feels like everyone around you is getting married– and now, so is your ex. For seconds it feels like your entire world momentarily collapses when you hear the news. Even though you and he decided to move on your separate ways, something about the news still stings. Perhaps it’s because your still SINGLE and he’s found love –putting a period on your past relationship. Or maybe it’s the thoughts that arise causing you to question why their relationship resulted into marriage and yours didn’t? Allow your being to reflect and feel these difficult emotions. Any time an ex marries, it usually will hurt.

At this point it’s extremely obvious and necessary to move on. Occupy your time accomplishing personal goals and projects. Surround yourself with love, fill up your social calendar, do something for yourself and perhaps get out there and date more. Find yourself.

You will find some one who will love you unconditionally. Chapters in our lives close to make room for new doors and opportunities to follow with new life. There’s nothing you can do but to try and be happy for them and let it go. Keep the memories and lessons in your heart, but look forward to the future. Life goes on.

Pic Courtesy of:  Tie the Knot

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