His Best Friend is A Woman

Dating someone with a “best friend” of the opposite sex is tricky. It’s not abnormal for men and women to be friends–but dating as an adult– that can raise an eyebrow. In an opposite sex best friend relationship there’s the potential of a strong emotional connection and trust which could possibly bloom into romance.

In addition, girls as best friends to guys is different from guys as best friends to girls. In my personal experience, all my guy friends either A. Liked me B. I liked them. or C. We’ve dated in the past. And for a guy–let’s be honest–no man is attracted to your insides at first sight to even want to spark a friendship. So upon initial contact, I’m sure there was some type of attraction which later lead to being just friends and in this case “best friends”.

The best way to go about dating someone with an opposite sex “best friend” is to find out their story. Keep it lighthearted and playful, but find out their history. If it’s something you can handle, then by all means proceed with the relationship. If not, don’t feel like you’re being insecure, it’s not for everybody–including me.

At the end of the day, if he or she never seems to find the PERFECT person, it could be because they’re waiting for his “best friend” to come around. I’d hate for you to be rejected at the altar with him/she saying,” Oh–on second thought,–I think I’m in love with my best friend!”

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