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Finding love will change your life – even more profoundly than you think! Trust me. I spent three-fourths of my adult life looking inward, working on myself, so I would be ready for my future mate.  Now that we’re together, it’s even better than I had imagined!

Like many, I was once single and frustrated by the dating scene.  Honestly, I wasn’t sure whether I’d have the husband and family that I dreamed about. But after years of inner work and soul searching I figured out both what I needed to do within myself and what I really wanted in a mate. And then Eureka, at the perfect moment, he found me! To be sure, I know that this didn’t happen by chance or luck. As I look back on the entire process it was long and arduous, but it also led me to the man of my dreams and to the most wonderful family I could imagine.

How did I do it?  In short, I  completely changed my approach – and from that developed a set of clear principles that serious men and women can benefit from. I can put you on the fast track – saving you precious time and energy around the dating and courtship process by getting you more strategic about your love life.

I co-created my mate and would love the opportunity to show you how to do it too.  Through my company, Nine | GPS, I work one-on-one (virtual & in person) with men and women who are serious about finding love. I have a no-nonsense and practical approach with very creative strategies to make this happen.

Why am I doing this?  I feel as if I was given a wonderful blessing in going through what I did to find my husband.  I see it as something of a mission to pass that blessing on to whomever I can. Remember, I believe there is someone for everyone regardless of what you look like.  I sincerely know I can help you!

If you can see your love in your mind, together we can bring that special person to you!

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