Casting Blue Collar Women

Are you a hardcore, hard-working woman? Are you doing what some would consider a man’s job? Do you enjoy working with your hands, getting dirty, and proving to everyone else that it doesn’t matter what your gender? Do you believe women can do whatever they put their mind to? WE WANT YOU!

Contact us if you are a woman that does the following:

o   Miner (Gold, Coal, Diamond, etc.)

o   Deep Sea Fishing Captain and crew

o   Mechanic

o   Construction Worker

o   Any other blue-collar job.

We are looking for women with BIG personalities, who are not afraid to say what they think. We are looking for women that willing to take on any challenge and face danger and fear in order to reap the reward.

f you feel you are right for our show please email us include your name, age, photo, what you do and how long you have done it. Then write a brief biography about yourself your family and why you think you would be good tv.

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