Atlanta Online Dating – 5 Romantic Date Ideas

In 2010, nearly 17% of married couples had met in an online dating forum. While dating and flirting may begin on the internet, couples must put forth an effort to make the date special in person. Atlanta is a vibrant city with numerous locations for the Atlanta online dating community to meet for romantic interludes. From museums to wineries, Atlanta has a lot to offer the dating scene.


Coffeehouses and wine tastings are popular locations for first dates. For a low key first date, Café Intermezzo has an excellent array of wines, expresso and desserts on the menu. The ambiance is laid back, and there are several venues throughout the Atlanta area. An outdoor veranda with tealight candles adds to the romantic setting that will spark romance between couples, if there is a connection. Online dating in Atlanta is easier with stellar recommendations, such as this bar.

Wine Bars

Krog Bar is recommended by City Search Atlanta. Patrons of the bar have given the popular wine tasting bar four and one half stars. The wine list at the Krog Bar is extensive, and the ambience is conducive for romance. The lighting is low, and the prices are relatively inexpensive. This small, intimate location is an ideal meeting spot for couples using an online dating service in Atlanta.

Jazz Clubs

There are numerous Jazz locations throughout the Atlanta area. After meeting someone through an online dating service in Atlanta, head on down to the High Museum of Art on Friday to partake in some of the city’s best live Jazz. This is a wonderful location to commune and get to know one another. Before listening to the jazz, peruse the museum and converse softly about yourselves, the day or the art that you are viewing. The art may be an excellent ice breaker for people those getting to know one another. An online dating service in Atlanta is becoming a popular way to meet people to experience the area together.


Both Wisteria and Haven are recommended by several authoritative websites and publications. Wisteria, in particular, is Zagat Rated. For the unfamiliar, this basically means the food is rated Very Good to Excellent. After finding your match through an online dating service in Atlanta, try either of these restaurants. Both menus have a Southern, yet gourmet flair.

At Wisteria expect to find delectable dishes created by an award winning chef. Some of the favorites are crab bisque and white bean puree. Mixed greens and marinated strawberries are also a part of this menu. Haven’s menu is slightly more extensive offering Beet Cured Scottish Salmon and Smoked Chicken and Shrimp Gumbo. Atlanta online dating is easier when there are some great venues to meet your date for a conversation full of laughter and enjoyment.


There are numerous festivals that occur throughout the year and a number of attractions that may be a good spot to meet a love interest after searching for online dating in Atlanta. The World of Coca Cola, Centennial Park or The Atlanta Botanical Garden are each recommended.

While Atlanta online dating is a new preferred way of dating, online dating in Atlanta can be daunting. There are so many date options to choose from. Select a couple of options in advance. Then, ask your date questions to determine what he or she likes. Select a date option from some of your favorites or select something that you think your date will enjoy. Online dating in Atlanta is a viable way to meet quality people.

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