Atlanta Date Night: The Park, VIP-Style

You aren’t imagining things. It is starting to cool down just a tad (hallelujah!) which makes a park outing that much more attractive (just like your date). Add dinner, drinks, live music and a VIP element to the itinerary, and you have an even cooler night.

Piedmont Park: We don’t need to tell you how to spend your afternoon frolicking in Atlanta’s best park. But just in case you’re looking for suggestions, we recommend a blanket, cooler stocked with snacks and cold beverages, iPod and portable dock, football/bocce set/other sporting device, sunscreen and your sparkling personality (don’t forget that last one).

Private Cabana: After all that frolicking, flirty footballing and witty banter, you’re going to need a change of pace, and there’s no better place to do it than under one of Park Tavern‘s private, shaded cabanas (complete with fans!). Reserve one along the park’s edge for just $25, and your date will love that you thought ahead. Feel free to sing “Copacabana” if he/she can appreciate cheesy humor.

Food & drinks: The restaurant’s menu is always changing-the fun part is keeping up. You could go the impressive route with the city’s only Salt Block Experience — an interactive sushi extravaganza with the highest-grade fish and wagyu beef possible. Or sink your teeth into a fresh Angus burger on a Holeman & Finch bun or the new Niman Ranch hot dog loaded with toppings like guac and roasted corn. Wash it all down with a cold craft beer or specialty cocktail like the refreshing, cucumber-y Yellowtail.

Music: End the night with one of Atlanta’s longstanding traditions, Unplugged in the Park. Enjoy the live tunes from your cabana or make your way to the stage for some awkward swaying, er, close dancing. This week’s show features Michelle Malone Banned with openers Sanjay Kothari and Jennifer Daniels.

Don’t blame the weather if it starts to heat up.

City’s Best Atlanta@AshHess Park Tavern, 500 10th St.; 404-249-0001

Photo courtesy of Park Tavern

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