Alone in Atlanta: Single Ladies Episode 11 – Is This The End?


In the season finale of Single Ladies, Val (Stacey Dash) finds out everyone feels she made a mistake breaking up with Jerry and starts to question the decision herself. Val also helps friend to the Single Ladies Omar with his relationship, or so she thinks. She breaks up with Omar’s boyfriend for him just when he was on the brink of taking Omar to Mexico to show his appreciation. Omar accuses Val of ruining his relationship just like she ruined her own. In the midst of all the drama, the single ladies decide to have a little fun by attending the opening of Magic Johnson’s new hotel where Val runs into Jerry….

Val decides to try the relationship Jerry’s way: with no intentions of marriage or having children. But Jerry sees that’s not what Val really wants and decides not to take her up on her offer. Heartbroken, Val decides to turn to former love Quinn for support. A few bottles of champagne and a walk down memory lane leads Val and Quinn back to her place. After the rendezvous, Quinn comes to the realization that he made a mistake breaking up with her and asks for her hand in marriage. At the same time, Jerry comes to the same realization and shows up at Val’s door to tell her so. But he’s met with Val’s surprise guest Quinn and Jerry takes back his proposal.

After everything that happened, would you say that Val purposely sabotages her relationships? 

April (Charity Shea) decides to quit her job as a personal assistant at her current record label due to her worth going overlooked. Reed shows up at her apartment later on to tell her that he’s worked out a deal with his new record label that they have to take her on as a junior A&R Representative if they want him to sign on as an artist. However, April’s not sure if this is what she wants anymore and decides to hold off on the offer for now. Meanwhile, April’s preparing for her first mediation with soon to be ex-husband Darryl prior to their divorce being final. Upon entering the mediation, April apologizes for the person she turned Darryl into and agrees to give him half of her money. Feeling that she was truly sorry for what she did, Darryl did not take half the money and accepted her apology.

Now that April has some closure on her marriage to Darryl, where do you think life will take her? Do you think Reed could possibly be her next move? 

Malcolm never showed up at the opening of the hotel to meet Keisha (Lisa Raye). She leaves the opening and heads back to the house to look for him. She comes back to find the FBI raiding the place. Apparently Malcolm has gone M.I.A. and ex-wife; Ashley is somehow linked to his disappearing act. Keisha also finds that the nature in which Ashley and Malcolm divorced are not as they seem. Adultery took place on Ashley’s part, not Malcolm’s; leaving him heartbroken. However, he continues to take care of her financially. Now Keisha is debating whether she wants to help the FBI get Malcolm.

Should Keisha divulge any information she has about Malcolm since it appears he lied to her about his past? Or should she keep quiet until she can get to the bottom of the matter? 

The Single Ladies definitely went out with a bang and next season they will still have everyone watching every single step these single ladies take.

Alone in Atlanta

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