Dear Santa, I Want A Boyfriend for Christmas!


Dear Santa,

My name is Single in Atlanta, I am 30 years old and I live in Atlanta which is a very long way from the North Pole. I’ve tried to be good the whole year and hope you and your reindeers can deliver me a nice present. I want a boyfriend for Christmas this year. Thinking back, I’ve never had a boyfriend during the holidays. It sounds amazing having a boyfriend who I could spend Christmas with going skiing, walking through the park, cuddling collectively next to the fire place with a glass of wine, or just watching TV together in the cold weather in warm blankets. All I want this Christmas is to have a boyfriend who I will buy a Christmas gift for and he will buy me a Christmas gift and we will open our Christmas gifts together next to our Christmas tree. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for? I feel that I deserve this present because I’ve gone through my share of dating “mean” men.

Also Santa, this boyfriend is temporary. After the holidays, I would like to return to my single life.


Single In Atlanta

Photo Credit: Love Magazine

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