The Sex Game

I had one of the best holiday weekends ever in Atlanta. It’s all surprising because none of it was planned. I chilled at a lake house and boated at Lake Lanier, did a Loca Luna block party, and attended some BBQ events with some good looking SINGLES. And of course in the mist of it all, SINGLE people love telling me their thoughts about dating in Atlanta. I find it hilarious because nobody knows what I blog about, but naturally everyone talks to me about their SINGLE life. One of the topics that especially stood out this weekend came from a young man that said, “Black women need to step their sex game up because the white girls’ sex game is phenomenal.” I took no offense to it, I thought is was comical and wanted to learn more. The basics of his argument was white women aren’t afraid to express themselves sexual nor worried about looking promiscuous; wherein black women have all these rules and regulations of what they will or won’t do when it comes to sex. He went on to say that women shouldn’t worry about looking immoral or loose if at the end of the day, you’re claiming just him. A little risky, but I can understand that.

Furthermore, I’m not here trying to add more to the list of “Why Nobody Wants to Date a Black Woman”, because like you, I’m pretty much over it and could care less. Just reporting the Atlanta dating news as it comes.

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