Women That Love Watching “Snapped”


Snapped debuted on Oxygen nearly seven years ago and to date remains one of the highest rated television shows on the network.

The show profiles a bunch of delusional women who are supposedly “trapped” in unhappy relationships. Rather than getting a divorce or simply leaving, these women usually end up killing their husbands or boyfriends in ways so creative, that Jigsaw would be jealous.

To be fair, every tenth episode features that one “good” wife or girlfriend that gets killed by the mistress as a result of her husband or boyfriends cheating ways.

Atlanta women are so drawn to Snapped, because like the women on the show, they’re prone to dysfunctional relationships and love playing the victim. The women here absolutely LOVE dating the wrong guys and complaining about it, to whoever’s willing to listen (e.g. their girlfriends, Oprah, Dr. Phil and Tyler Perry).

Once their done complaining, they then have bizarre fantasies of killing or at the very least, threatening their significant others with bodily harm and getting away with it.

As outlandish as it may sound, Snapped to them represents a new age feminist movement, where women are somehow “taking control” against the status quo. Unlike like their television counterparts however, Atlanta women have no interest in being on the receiving end of a life sentence, even if it means relinquishing control (Atlanta women LOVE control, almost as much as dating the wrong guys).

Since killing is usually out of the question, most Atlanta women instead choose to escape for thirty minutes to an hour, by watching a show that rationalizes their homicidal ideals and bad choices in men.

The show subconsciously tells them, “Hey, you’re not the only one that feels this way. It’s perfectly normal to want to strangle your boyfriend with an extension cord in his sleep, after slipping a bottle of NiteQuil into his Gatorade— Oh and here’s how you can get away with it.”

Technically, I guess we should all be thankful that a show like this exists and provides an outlet for all of the psychos out there. But if you ever meet a woman in Atlanta (or anywhere) who utters the words “I love watching Snapped”, and “I never miss the marathon”, then it’s probably in your best interest to end all forms of communication immediately.

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