In My Life As a “Single” Girl I Enjoy The Little Things

I’m starting to really get into coffee dates. I find it to be a very casual experience with no pressure, allowing you to talk and see if the relationship is worth pursuing. It’s a great atmosphere that’s not too noisy but allows conversation and some privacy. My recent date at Java Monkey was with a really nice guy. I’m not sure if he read the “What A Single Girl Wants You To Do On A First Date” handbook before our rendezvous, but he scored loads of brownie points with his first date antics. Not only was he attentative to our conversation and always reaching across the coffee table to hold my hand, but turned his phone off and never took his eyes off me. That’s 2 extra credit points.

You can tell when a guy is having a good time with you when he wants to continue the date. So after coffee we ended up at Garlic Thai Sushi where we had dinner and furthered our conversation about our lives and goals.

Long story short, if you come across a man like this, it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to explore him a little more because sometimes in the life of a “single” girl we appreciate the little things like HIM holding our hand over a cup of coffee and listening.

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