Disinterest Is One Sexy Perfume!

We all have first date weirdness possibly stemming from anxiety, expectations, or anticipation. This very thing could be the reason for the catastrophe date with The Perfect Guy Online, but Not So Much Offline. What surprised me the most about this guy is that he contacted me a week after our weird date? I totally thought we mutually dumped each other and even deleted his number on the way home. Needless to say, I haven’t called him back or responded to any of his messages because I’m not sure what to say? Are we suppose to try going out again?

And let’s not mention the other guy who stood me up and blamed it on not storing my number in his phone. I don’t believe you because when we made arrangements to meet up, you called me on your cell phone in the car. Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. So his number got deleted too and now he’s begging and calling me to give him another chance.  

I don’t understand men? If you show interest, then you’re being too clingy, but when you don’t care, that’s when they’re all over you? When you start canceling dates or showing no interest, that’s when it seems like men get turned on to you. It’s almost like they really do enjoy the chase. I guess its true what a friend said, “Disinterest is one sexy perfume!”

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