Boyfriend and Girlfriend vs Exclusivity

So apparently there’s a difference between being boyfriend and girlfriend and being exclusive. WHAT?!? I thought being exclusive meant you were boyfriend and girlfriend? Doesn’t it become a relationship when there’s a mutual agreement for being exclusive? Or is dating exclusively basically the phase before a relationship? Nowadays, everybody’s coming up with all these silly ideas to abandon a relationship when needed. Maybe the difference is the level of commitment? Being boyfriend and girlfriend might require spending a lot more time together and introducing him/her to close friends and family, whereas being exclusive means I’m EXCLUSIVELY sleeping with you and all the boyfriend and girlfriend requirements aren’t necessary?

Personally, if I was in this situation, I would set a time frame to gain the “exclusive girlfriend/boyfriend” title. If they’re uncomfortable making that decision and taking it to the next level, you’re probably just exclusively sleeping with each other. But never mind what I think, check out what Atlanta had to say about it:

They’re idiots. That doesn’t even make any sense. – @Jubilance1922

End the relationship, yesterday. – @InfNYC

Means, we’re only boning each other as far as we both may know but there’s no commitment. So I can leave at any time. – @SoSoDeb

Girlfriend is a title, which means friends/parents/couples dates etc. Exclusive means no messing around with other folks. – @MatthewCole

Give up now. I had a guy try to say we were exclusive but not serious a few yrs ago. Told him that didn’t make sense. – @atlbElle1223

Possibly: “I reserve the right to have sex with other people.” or “Don’t assume you can leave belongings at my place.” – @thepeopleseason

Michelle’s Definition: My situation :)@mlserra

I call this “preDATING”. – @jaali_co

He’s not seeing anyone else not because he doesn’t want to but because no one is available for him to date.  –@cindasmommy

Been there and I dont know what it was. He said he was my non-boyfriend. Didn’t work so it didn’t matter. – @TweetsbyTip

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