Top 5 Things That Makes Me Want to do The Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique on Atlanta Men


5. I’m married, but we’re separated.

-Stop tricking us into these fake relationships when at the end of the day, you’re still married. Be honest upfront. Who knows? Some women might be okay with it.

4.  It’s not you, its me. I didn’t know you would turn out to be such a cool girl. You deserve better.

– Just say you don’t like black girls. Its okay, another white boy will.

3. She’s a gold digger

– It doesn’t make me a gold digger because I expect you to pay for our first date. I’ll go dutch, but don’t expect a call back.

2. Men to Women ratio.

– Who cares that there’s a million women to one man, that doesn’t give you an excuse not to put your best foot forward or treat women any old way.

1. I love Independent Women

– Shut the F up. When you get it, its always another-issue. Like Tina Fey said, “You can be the woman that cures cancer, but you’ll always be up against a Bombshell Mcgee.”

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One Response to Top 5 Things That Makes Me Want to do The Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique on Atlanta Men

  1. chung says:

    Glad I’m not married, I’m only 24. “Another white boy will” what?… will say he doesn’t like black women either? JK (kinda). I agree that a guy should pay on the first date, especially if he was the one who invited the lady out – don’t expect dinner though. That can come on a later date; she’s gotta work for that one. Yep, too many guys here are really crude when it comes to hollerin at the gals, “ey shawtie, ey shawtie” type stuff but surprisingly it sometimes works, which is all the incentive these guys need to work their way up the pole to the more refined type women.
    As far as the independent woman thing goes Ive noticed that alot of rappers and other music artists have been trumping that “she got her own”, “she’s independent” etc anthem in their work and I’m sure at the end of the day, they don’t want that. They want a woman to depend on them. Nothing’s wrong with valuing a woman’s independence, just make sure you see it as an admirable personality trait rather than a quality that you can mooch off . I sure as hell don’t wanna be no scrub, heheh

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