Dating A Man with a Female Best Friend


Catching up and having good conversations over Star beers, Gulders, and vintage liquor is always fun with my family in Nigeria. In the mist of good conversations, my cousin asks my opinion about a guy she’s seeing that has this “best” friend that’s a woman. This happens in Nigeria to? The female best friend thing seems to be a problem around the world. Honestly, I’m not sure how you would approach the female “best friend” scenario. I totally understand the women who feel uncomfortable with the situation. The last thing you want to feel like is the 2nd class girlfriend or at the alter and your fiance says “On second thought…. I’m in love with my best friend.” I guess the best way to approach a situation like this is to analyze how long they’ve been best friends and compare that to when you came in the picture. Always remember, you’re the “random” girl in her eyes until she gets to know you. And if he’s displaying girlfriend antics towards her, I would totally second guess the relationship. Besides, there are like 3,399,969 other men in the world. Don’t get hung up in a situation you don’t feel comfortable in.

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