Girl Talk Via Twitter


twitter-addictsSingle In Atlanta:  OMG…Met this hot guy yesterday. Don’t know what 2 do because I don’t want to fall back in the vicious cycle again. LOL

Diva In Seattle:  Gotta love and hate the cycle. Since you’re “conscious” about it. Why don’t you experiment and try something diff. with  this guy?

Single In Atlanta:  Hell I’m not going to get sucked in. Girl he is way to cute. Works for the governement, played bball at St. Johns, 6’5, fair skin.

Diva In Seattle:  You’re not even going to just “play” with him?Mannn lol send him here! j/k Sometimes I get involved even though I know its just for play.

Diva in Seattle:  Getting involved just for play helps me thicken my skin-dealing with frustrations! I say if there’s a spark don’t ignore it. :)

Single In Atlanta:  I rather keep him at a distance. If he keeps showing interests, then I’ll make my move.  



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