90 Day Newness


Beware of the 90 Day Newness, it is a 90 day trend that can catch you off guard if you are not careful in your relationship situations.  Some folks may be familiar with the female I dated about a year ago at this time. It was all good “Love was in the air” etc… yada yada yada. THAT WAS THE FIRST 90 DAYS….. You see, the first 90 days is not when you really meet the person you are dating. The first 90 days is like a trial period where you both test demo each other in multiple situations while being on your best behavior. The first 90 days, she will do just about anything, Cook just about anything, say just about anything and accommodate you in various ways just to enhance “the newness.” Men and women out there beware of this 90 day newness, it isn’t real, in fact it is usually about as real as the Real Housewives of Atlanta. It is only after those initial 90 days that the test demo representatives disappear into another dimension and the real individual in the flesh shows up. The real individual either shows up in the true beauty and glory of a last second victorious 53 yard field goal or on the contrary its ugly head and the beast within shows up like the creature from the blue lagoon. Now even though my last relationship lasted 9 months, I think it was the 93rd day of the whole deal when we both realized this sh*t probably ain’t working and we actually don’t even like each other at all. I was really a jerk and not the perfect Mr. Nice Guy and she, well she turned in to Super Bitch and… Got damn! I sure as heck never saw that sh*t comin’. Truly and seriously though, we are both good people but just happened to not be right for each other, just both victims of “the 90 Day Newness.” How does this happen you ask? A failure to separate “the 90 day newness” from true feelings, that is how I believe most relationships are set up for failure. In closing, this note goes out to those who might make a similar mistake, and if your judgment is somewhat sketchy then double the 90 days into a 180 day cycle just for extra critical evaluation. If it is still all good after that then you may be on to something, other wise, don’t kid yourself. Happy Thanksgiving.


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