Single and Not Looking

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Being Single In Atlanta is not a bad thing. I love the freedom of being able to maneuver throughout the city with no attachments to nagging/gossiping girlfriends or reporting to a boyfriend. Hanging out with yourself, you are able to keep the party going till 6:00 AM or call it an early night and ditch the spot without having to explain yourself to anyone.

Enjoy being on your OWN time schedule and in control of what YOU want to do. I love Being Single and Not Looking.


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  1. davidisms says:

    Shout this one from the rooftops. This is the correct formula. Single and not looking. While marriage is the TOPS (when you do it right), being single is absolutely a gift. To be more clear every stage of life is a gift and should be enjoyed while you are there. People get so concerned about “what’s next” that they forget to enjoy the here and now. Then when they get to “what’s next” they are wishing they had the “what was before.” If we enjoy life as each stage we can have days of heaven on earth. And if you string enough of those days together you get great months, and enough of those months together you get great years and enough years together you end up living a pretty satisfying life. Bravo!

    -David of davidisms

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  3. Ha! I guess I wasn’t sure what I stumpled upon…lol. As I get older, I’m begining to see life differently and realizing I’m not in high school trying to maintain my popularity…lol. Nevermind everyone else and take care of yourself. I love your analogy of how we live our lives wanting what’s next and letting NOW go by. The grass isn’t always greenier on the other side. Enjoy being YOU! =)

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