Vino Libro


vinolibro1Vino Libro- 933 Garrett Street  Atlanta, GA 30316

This hidden gem in Grant Park/East Atlanta is where sophistication meets a cozy environment. This Black-Owned Wine Bar is located in one of Atlanta’s new trendy communities in the Glenwood Park area. During the day, it’s a WiFi accessible place where you can unwind, do some work, or meet up with friends. At night it becomes a great spot to listen to jazz or lounge in a “at home” set up. They offer carefully selected fine wines in spirits ranging from $8 glass of Mont Asolo Merlot, Italy to $17  glass of Hess Cabernet Cuvee, California. Also have an amazing menu which includes Filet Mignon Skewers and Rack of Tarragon Lamb.

This is my new Starbucks, so if you see me blogging on my Iphone or laptop, please do say hello. =)


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4 Responses to Vino Libro

  1. Lite}{ says:

    cool. we had our rehearsal dinner there last yr and i’ve had dinner there a couple times. very cute spot. will be going back to get online and get work done too! great place 4 a quick meeting too!

  2. Yea. Its totally my new Starbucks spot when I’m downtown. And the owner is easy on the eyes, so that always helps…lol.

  3. Antwan Michaels says:

    I’ve been there recently and I must say it fell into my places I dig category. The definition of grown and sexy, where everyone is easy going and relaxed. Nice.

  4. Yea. I fell in love immediately. I didn’t get a chance to go to the other side which I heard consist of the book store? But I might go there again tonight. If you see me, don’t be afraid to say hello. =)

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