The Professional Dater



"Single In Atlanta" is in black!

"Single In Atlanta" is in black!

I am a 27 year old woman with a BA in Business Administration, no children, own my own home, no roomates, and work in a firm for a well known attorney in the Atlanta area. Oh yea…and I’m 5’10. Though everything sounds lovely, I have been through my share of broken hearts. I mean how many of these make up and break ups can one woman endure. So, in an effort to not set myself up for any more heart aches, I’ve decided to become a Professional Dater. This doesn’t mean I’m going to be whoring around Atlanta or become a gold digger. All it means in a sense is that I want to experience dating without getting emotionally attached to anyone. So stay tuned and I will keep you posted on all the interesting people I meet! Feel free to visit this blog or the blog posted at , CHEERS!  

Vitamin Water

Recently I just got out of a relationship that at first was spectacular. Isn’t that the case always though! It started off with love, caring, compassionate sex, and everything you would want in an amazing partner. We even moved in together. Well all that turned into not as frequent phone calls, cheating, and lies. I just want to tell those men reading this column that women have an amazing intuition about cheating men. So I put my intuition to the test with my ex-partner. Women should not go through a man’s phone, but my case is different. Not only was the phone going to be given to me, I was just trying to get familiar with how the phone worked. I have NEVER snooped in any of my partners belongings before and this is why. And that’s when it happened! I saw numerous of inappropriate text coming from my partner. WHAT? Is this the same guy that said he was ready to settle down, has no time for games, moved from his favorite city to be with me, and said he would never cheat on me? Hmmmm. Very strange.


So as a woman, I sat him down and talked with him very calmly. Even asked how his day was and that he looked lovely. My approach was so classy that I even apologized for going through his phone before telling him what I found. Things like “Hey Sexy!”  “Can’t wait to hear, smell, and taste you.” “I miss talking to you”. Even dayum flight reservations! And instead of him to accept his wrong doings, he tries to turn it back on me. That’s when I knew this relationship is a mental control situation. Not only was my self esteem being put to the test, I had to stand up for what I believed in. So that was when I thought it would be best that he checked into a hotel. And guess what? Do you know the excuse he came up with the day after? That the “I can’t wait to hear, smell, and taste you” was referring to his favorite drink which was Vitamin water! HA! And that it was an internal joke between him and his FEMALE client who always provides him with free Vitamin water. And that I’m always twisting things around. Are you joking? There was no reference to Vitamin water in that text. And if that was a joke, it wasn’t funny! =( I couldn’t believe what he was saying? He was a way more intelligent man than this. So needless to say, we are no longer together and I hate Vitamin water….lol.


I talked with a girlfriend of mine who mentioned a movie called “Sliding Doors” in the pass to me. The movie shows a woman’s life if she chose one path and how her life would be if she chose the 2nd path. I immediately thought about that movie after this incident and realized the 2nd door I choose sucked! Maybe I should have stuck with my 1st door.(Which was staying engaged to my ex-fiancé) So I mentioned my feelings to my girlfriend and she always has a way with words. “Well just stick with the dating door!” And she was right. But everything happens for a reason. That same day I broke up with my partner, I met a great guy who plays professional basketball and has a double major in chemical engineering and mathematics. So here we go again. The cycle continues! So welcome to “Single in Atlanta’s” WORLD! LOVE YA! CHEERS!